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EMC Component Group: Frequently Asked Questions about EMC Oscillators.  

Reduce EMI at the Source - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
about EMC Oscillators

1. What is EMC Oscillator?

It is a clock oscillator designed to reduce the clock harmonics and its associated noise in personal computers and digital equipment often encounter in EMI emission testing required by FCC or European EMC Directive. The EMC Oscillator has a standard TTL or CMOS compatible output that meets clock requirements of CISC, RISC, and DSP processors. It is plug compatible with standard 14-pin, 8-pin, and surface mount versions.
2. Does it work the same as a standard clock oscillator?

Yes, the EMC Oscillator is designed to work with microprocessors and other digital circuits that required clock signals.

3. How does it work?

The EMC Oscillator uses spread spectrum technology to modulate the clock harmonics. The technique widens the harmonic bandwidth, and while the energy of each harmonic remains the same, the peak of each harmonic and related noise is lower.

4. Why do I need it?

For all products shipped to Europe, meeting the EMC directive is the law. Domestic equipment such as personal computers, telecommunication, and capital machinery are required to meet FCC regulations. Customers of all products now are asking for EMC compliance regardless where the products are shipping. The EMC Oscillator will lower emissions in both new and existing products.

5. How does it save me money?

Products that fail EMI emission tests or do not have enough margin to consistently pass emission testing often requires board level redesign, which typically adds two layers to the PCB design, which adds cost. Often mechanical redesign to add covers, shield enclosures, cable shielding, and EMI filtering is also required. Using the EMC Oscillator eliminates these redesigns and associated cost, allowing you a plug in solution that does not affect your existing packaging.

6. How does it improve time to market?

Using the EMC Oscillator eliminates the need for redesign of your product. It is a simple one-part plug in solution to a very complex shielding design problem, which can take months to solve and phase into production.

7. What are the risks of using the EMC Oscillator since it is a new technology?

None. The EMC Oscillator and its unique EMC design is new, but the spread spectrum is not new. The technology has been used in synthesized clocks of many personal computers for many years. Our EMC530 product has been out in the field since April 1996 with no reported failures. We QA/ test every component before shipment.

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