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EMC60 SMT Clock Oscillator is a direct replacement 3.3V or 5V oscillator, plug compatible to standard 10x14 mm plastic SMT packages. 6 to 120 MHz.  

Low Noise EMI Spread Spectrum
EMC60 Clock Oscillator


The EMC60 Clock Oscillator is an advanced spread spectrum modulator with a standard TTL or CMOS compatible output that meets clock requirements of all major CISC, RISC, and DSP processors. It modulates clock harmonics to reduce electromagnetic emissions and associated harmonics at the source. The EMC60 is a direct replacement for 5V crystal oscillators and is plug compatible to standard Plastic Surface Mount packages. It is available in a wide range of Selectable Output Frequencies (6 to 120 Mhz).

The EMC60 can reduce emissions up to 20 dB. Compliance with international regulations can be obtained with EMC60 during pre-production and compliance testing, effectively eliminating multiple design and testing cycles.

• Accelerate compliance approvals.

• Reduce engineering and compliance costs.

• Accelerate market launch schedules.


The EMC60 Clock Oscillator is designed for installations into electronic equipment required to meet FCC or European EMC Directives and is particularly appropriate for applications in:

• Telecommunications

• Capital Equipment

• Consumer Electronics, Printers

• Aerospace

• Medical Equipment

Equipment previously classified as non-complying can be retrofitted at the compliance test lab or in the field with the EMC60S5 Clock Oscillator. Once upgraded, this same equipment can be shipped into any country requiring compliance.

Output Data
Standard Oscillator compared to EMC Low Noise Oscillator

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